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I love Michael Vick

Posted on: December 22, 2010 9:53 pm
As a dog lover, you would not have heard me say that just a short time ago. In some ways, I still find it hard to say, well write. I think what he did was/is one of the most reprehensible things a human can do to an animal. And for that, I'll always hold something back. BUT, and this is a BUT almost as big as Rosie O's, what he has done for me this year in my FFL, has been nothing short of "HOLY COW! DID YOU SEE THAT? INCREDIBLE!!!" and deserving of my undying devotion.

I drafted fourth this year and took AP as my 1st RD pick. By the time the draft was done I had Carson Palmer as my QB. I might write a whole entry on the fiasco that Carson Palmer has been the last 2 years--FFL wise. So after week 2 I traded Larry Fitzgerald straight up for Michael Vick. And then began playing an ASSortment of waiver wire pickups at QB.

I can tell you now what I told my FFL friend then. If he gets the chance, he just might be pretty good with all that talent around him. Look at what Kevin Kolb is doing? Michael Vick is better than him. Deep down inside and all over the sports talk radio I could hear the voices shouting "HOW DARE YOU FAWN AFTER VICK AFTER WHAT HE DID?!??" All I can say in my defense is this: I thought he'd be pretty good if he got the chance.

And for all of you Fitz fans (of which I AM one), I live in AZ. I've been a fan of the Cardinals since they were in St. Louis. Mel Gray and Jim Hart were my favorites. So I knew when Kurt Warner retired, there would be trouble at QB here. And while Fitz has had a good year, I believe you'd be a long time looking for a FF owner that hasn't expected more from him.

Vick on the other hand has been a dream come true. And a nightmare for others. At this point I could tell you all about his on field accomplishments. But I don't have to do that--you already know.

At this point it's time to tell you why I love Vick. In WK 10, when I was facing off against the only other undefeated team left, he did that thing he did and keeps doing and scored 57. I won 137-124. And since that time I have been able to go undefeated. And am but one game short of being "League Champion." Can you hear the voices? That's the choir warming up. I couldn't get a BBW to sing.

Michael Vick has done some "HOLY COW! DID YOU SEE THAT? INCREDIBLE!!!" things this year. I hope he does some more in WK 16.
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